Microsoft MSBSC Expert Event.

Experience on the green island of Dublin.

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Microsoft MSBSC Expert Event in Dublin.

“Irish” is human! And so the 30 participants of this event experience life on the green island: lunch at the venerable Barberstown Castle, horseback riding, archery and clay pigeon shooting at Abbeyfield Farm and a cool Guinness in Johnny Fox’s Irish Pub. In such a way, the participants on the following two days are ready for an exclusive training of the communication coach Peter Brandl.

Around Trinity College, guests will experience the challenges of Irish history. In a playful way, they get to know the centre of the capital – and the open-mindedness of the Irish. And in the evening, the participants at the dog race and a good meal end an event that will carry the lust for life well into the coming working weeks. And no one would have expected three days of “refueling the sun” in September!

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