BSD – Blood Donor Consecrations 2017, Preview 2018

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BSD – Blood Donor Consecrations 2017, Preview 2018

In the footsteps of the honours – change of perspective

A belly bag, Bavarian also “Wimmerl”, is above all one thing, incredibly practical. Sufficient capacity for paperwork, pens and markers, Post its, lip care pens, a mobile phone, hair rubbers and a cutter knife. What the event-experienced woman of the world just needs. Is it also stylish, this belly bag? It looks damn good on us, anyway!

  1. May 2017, Dadord Würzburch, a Wimmerl tells about his travels:

Finally on tour again, the fourth year in a row. I like this series of events, which puts the good cause in the foreground. 2,869 donors from all over Bavaria are thanked. Thank you for 367,325 donations that save human lives. Chapeau.

For me, that means getting out of the event box and into the turmoil. After the highway trip I am directly knocked over and pursued, how diligently one builds up, from A to B is carried, signage is attached and in the catering range after the right one saw. The director’s plan is always in my pocket, he is always taken out, everything goes according to plan. Without me nothing would work here.

Then it gets quieter for a moment, then louder again. The guests of honour, our donors, come. Between 200 and 600 people per “gig”. Every now and then the mobile phone rings and I vibrate. But that has become less since they are all connected to this funk. But I can still listen. “Is Michi already behind the stage?”, “Felix is in a traffic jam, we have to switch him on live”, “We start with Funda, let the choreo begin”, “Is the selfie stick ready? Let’s check again”, “Green frog on white hare. The main course can go out”, “2min 14sec until the music is off, how many more will be honoured, do we have to loop?”, “They can’t clear off yet, the last ones still eat”, “Stage light brighter, spot on Chris”, “In der Pu-, in der Pu-, in der Pubertät…”, “Over and out.”.

Most of the time I watch how everything runs smoothly, eats a lot, claps my hands and is honoured even more. In the end somebody is always looking for the autograph cards and when they put me back in the event box, everything becomes quiet again. At least for the next few weeks. After all, I’m a tour type, I’ve been on the road six times in 2017. Always full house.

And because things are going so well with me and the girls – watch out for spoilers – I’m on tour 7 times this year, again all over Bavaria. So donate in time and often and secure yourself such coveted places at the event, which wouldn’t even exist without you!


Client: Blood Donation Service of the Bavarian Red Cross
Location: across Bavaria
Category: Gala
Participants: 2000
Challenge: Individuality despite routine

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