IHK – IHKjobfit! Education Fair 2017. For the 4th time in Munich.

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IHK – IHKjobfit! Education Fair 2017. For the 4th time in Munich.

A platform of information and interaction – Work life is approaching…

The job vacancies are here! To fill more and more trainee positions and to counteract the shortage of skilled manpower, the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) is holding its popular education fair IHKjobfit! for future apprentices and trainees. The aim is to bring together young school graduates with leading industry members.

Once again, the moderator, motivator and comedian Osman Citir – supported by YouTube star Flowest – nonchalantly leads through the day and inspires 3000 participants for all things “Education” in the MVG Museum.

Encountering difficulties with creating your application portfolio or finding the right photo? No idea what to say during a job interview? No clue what job options there are in the big wide business world? There’s so many questions to which the IHKjobfit! gives all the answers needed.  The young people can inform themselves, let professionals take application photos of them, eat, talk, network, be counselled, take a look around, and most importantly get prepared for what’s awaiting them in their next chapter of life: their career.

And so you can see them hunting down their potential employers amongst the various exhibition booths, enjoying the flash lights in the photo studio and listening to exciting talks by instructors, trainees and the futurologist Simon Schnetzer. During his talk “Fit for Future – Your Life in 2030” Simon Schnetzer gives Generation Y a fascinating insight in the future of business life.

Entertained, vitalized and well prepared the youngsters are making their way home after a long day. But because that’s not enough for us, here’s a couple of client and exhibitor reviews:

“A big thank you! Such results can only be accomplished by a well-operating, competent and highly dedicated team. Thank you for the perfect collaboration.”

“It gave me plenty of impressions of the most diverse professions. I really enjoyed being able to talk to businesses and introduce myself personally to them.”

“Great preparation and organisation, everything was thought of. Thank you for the detailed exhibitor briefing, there were no questions left unanswered.”

Well, thank you to you, too! We’re looking forward to the next stops of the IHKjobfit! in Ingolstadt, Rosenheim and in November – “welcome back!” – in Munich.


Client: IHK für München und Oberbayern
Category: Exhibition / trade show
Participants: 3000
Challenge: Plenty of exhibitors, plenty of wishes, big goals.