MINI Sales Incentive

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MINI Sales Incentive /// Under the motto “ICE ICE MINI – how cool are you?” REALIZE launches a top-class incentive. Even before the event, newsletters with stories about the Viking Island of Iceland had spurred the participants on to top performances. After all, 40 MINI salespeople reached their destination and set off for the far north.

The program reflects the MINI brand: young, unusual, exclusive – and pretty cool. REALIZE surprises with a completely rented design hotel in the middle of the Icelandic steppe. Within a few hours, the group dynamic transforms into the relaxed atmosphere of a class trip. The fact that one highlight follows the next from this point on is in the nature of the matter: during “Whale Watching” the participants experience the world’s largest animals up close; while bathing in the Blue Lagoon it floats in a relaxed way through a fascinating crater landscape; and on hand-modeled ice furniture one shares the collected impressions at the joint glacier buffet.

After four days, the group, which has grown together, finally starts the journey home. Deeply filled – and with a simple certainty in their luggage: it hasn’t been as cool as on “Iceland” for a long time.

Client: BMW
Location: Iceland
Category: Incentive, Employee event
Participants: 40
Challenge: Getting the most out of a MINI event