MobileIron Live! – First time in Europe, Realize likes it!

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MobileIron Live! – First time in Europe, Realize likes it!

The event fully aims at learning and education with a big variety of labs, roundtables and key note speeches while offering its participants numerous updates on current trends in the IT industry. On June 1-2 IT decision makers and EMM specialists from all industries come together for an exciting knowledge exchange. Global partners such as Google, Dropbox and Deutsche Telekom support the concept which positions itself against the typical conference style. Therefore, strict room divisions are deliberately refrained from during the conception of the event. Instead, an open room-in-room strategy enables us to create a “market place” where a variety of networking spaces, information and fun interactions enhance the participants’ event experience. The aim is to constantly engage the visitors, providing them with information-on-the-go – live and digital.

Every participant is equipped with headphones during registration through which they can dial into all talks easily and comfortably using different radio channels. The open space doesn’t restrain the experience as the visitor can choose from all conference activities at all times. He’s free to switch between communication and information whenever he wishes to. There’s no need to worry that one misses out on something since the event app with live agenda and push notifications keeps them posted. To regularly exchange information and business contacts “quick but not dirty”, Poken items are handed out to all participants. The digital key chain serves as a portable hard drive but – unlike typical USB sticks – only needs to be held against another Poken item to transmit paperless data.

For all those who’ve collected enough information at the sponsor booths, media wall and various conference areas, the cool down zone or summerly outdoor area invites the visitors to stay and relax. What better way is there to recharge the batteries than with ice cream and BBQ?! Be it in the lounge area, at one of the many food bars or in the GIF photo booth, those looking for networking are well served with opportunities.

In the mood to dance? A DJ and VJ welcome back the participants in the now futuristic, newly designed venue with deep beats and stimulating visuals. We’ll let the no-show rate of 2% speak for itself…no surprise we’re already in the making of the MobileIron Live! 2018. We cannot wait for another exciting conference with MobileIron, stay tuned!

Client: MobileIron
Location: Berlin
Category: Conference
Participants: 464
Challenge: Making 1 main stage, 6 food stations, 10 sessions and 20 sponsors happen in one room