Premium Financial Services – Winners on incentive travel

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Premium Financial Services – Winners on incentive travel

Premium Financial Services is awarding its best dealers with a once-in-a –lifetime, unrepeatable weekend in autumn 2017. The participants are highly demanding, many places have already been travelled – surprisingly different, that’s what the destination should be. That’s exactly what Valencia has got to offer – one of the biggest cities in Spain, and one of the liveliest. Wrongfully it’s often overshadowed by Barcelona.

After a cosy arrival reception in the Mediterranean courtyard of the hotel Westin Valencia, we’re continuing in Spanish style, culinary and sociable. After all, the original Paella was invented in Valencia and how to prepare it – traditionally without fish – is part of the exclusive cooking class for the group. Even though raging autumn winds and the rough Mediterranean Sea upset our plan to go to the beach club afterwards, we spontaneously decide that a hotel bar is just as great when a group harmonises.

Day 2 runs under the motto “The Early Bird…”. The morning activism shall be rewarded. During an exclusive hot air balloon ride above the greater Valencia area a beautiful sunrise can be observed – the warming Spanish sun is back. For those who love to sleep in, the day doesn’t start any less exciting. They’re setting off for an unforgettable sailing trip under the commando of a professional skipper. Be it in the air or on the sea, the winner takes it all. Luckily, there’s only winners on this incentive who can now enjoy the sun individually during lunch time.

After some well-spent relaxation time, the evening starts mysteriously. Dropped off at the closed and dark aquarium “Oceanográfic”, our clueless participants are ushered past penguins and turtles into the underground by security staff. There, the group arrives at the shark tank, walks through the impressive shark tunnel and enters their exclusive dinner location. From shark tank to party time: After dinner we’re taking the participants to the club “High Cube” right at Valencia’s harbour where day 2 is being celebrated joyfully.

On our departure day, 28 C° degrees and sunshine await the participants as they take part in the last activity of the journey. They hop on segways to discover the Jardines del Turia and Old Town where the traditional tapas place “Taberna Vintara” serves them a yummy farewell lunch with typical tapas dishes.

At the latest when they arrive at the airport it becomes clear. Valencia – we’ll return with pleasure!

Client: Premium Financial Services
Location: Valencia, Spain
Category: Incentive
Participants: 31
Challenge: Staying cool and on top of things even without the suitcase