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Because we know

what we do.


Yes, sometimes we do. We think in pigeonholes, but without clichés. Innovative and individual. “Full service” with body and soul. Creativity, focus and a lot of heart.

Your brand deserves more than just to be noticed. It should be allowed to touch. Stir. Endure. We stay curious and hungry so that your biggest event wishes become reality.

How do we do it? It’s all about passion & know-how!

To the details.

project management.

Heart and foundation at the same time. The decisive factor that is more than just planning, controlling and organizing, more than just numbers in a table As an experienced event agency, we love and live structure. With all trades, all partners & with you!

Our expertise.

digital & Virtual.

A "connection" that makes everyone happy – now more than ever. Real goes digital and many things become a walk in the park. Our perfect tools help convey your information in a targeted way and endure in your customer’s mind. Digital has no limits, if put to use with skill.

Our Expertise.

Conception & strategy.

Creative development and attention to detail accompany us from the first concept to the conclusion of your event. When facts meet emotions, it's all about the story to convert- your story! A total package that fulfills and leaves you wanting more.

Our Expertise.


In the event world, the focus is on the "we" to create a colorful spectrum of possibilities for communication. To ensure that no question remains unanswered here, we pick up your participants at any point in time. Long before the event, in the middle of it, all the way to the reminiscent afterglow - we stay in touch!

Our expertise.