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July 2023

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Event management is our proficiency , but our customers are always the happy participants.​
This year, we finally turned that around and realized an incentive for our team. A team that grows quickly must also take care of the inner framework.​
What is the best way to do that? Time-out together.​

After the employees had been allowed to decipher the destination in a riddle for several months, the excitement rose until the very end.​

Then finally: All REALIZERS packed into the plane, equipped with a Realize bath bag and hand luggage and off to Montenegro.​

It is not for nothing that it is one of UNESCO’s great natural and cultural heritage sites. You will find an impressive combination of magnificent, high mountains and the seacoast with kilometres of sandy beaches, beautiful old towns and the largest Balkan lake Skadar.​
So our incentive program included all that can be expected: Nature, culture, action, beach club, chilling out, culinary delights and nightlife. A special challenge was to cross a gorge in the Lovcen National Park by zipline. Despite some hesitation, everyone dared and arrived on the other side a little taller.​
The REALIZE team enjoyed every second intensely and had to be pinched again and again to realize that this was not a dream.​

Montenegro offers everything and leaves nothing to be desired. So, in the best incentive manner, there was something for everyone and the employees were able to get to know each other better through a wide variety of experiences, find out about common preferences, get together again and again in small groups and generate shared memories that will always be in the hearts of the everyday project work.​

Tired, but happily united, we then returned to Munich to our everyday lives, which, fortunately, are connected with the planning and REALIZATION of such experiences on a daily basis.​

Montenegro is definitely an insider tip for our clients as well. Through our personal test, we have brought a wide range of recommendations.​

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