Our highlights.

Information Deluxe.

Not only meetings – congresses also focus on the scientific and professional exchange of information. However, often with more participants, companies & speakers. More complex, but not more complicated. We keep track!

Our highlight events!

Autodesk. Munich.

550 Pax

2 days

40 palm trees under glass

Autodesk shows us the future of AIF 2019.

The Automotive Innovation Forum (AIF) is the world’s leading automotive industry event that showcases advances in design, visualization and manufacturing technologies. Pretty futuristic music – it’s clear that we’re there! For the second time, we have planned and conducted this pioneering two-day event for our customer Autodesk.

Collaborate, Innovate, Experience – three event keywords that could be discussed in depth in numerous networking areas at the Hilton Hotel at Munich Airport. A complete overall concept with a suitable location, in the spirit of sustainability and time efficiency. From the gangway directly to the event – and on foot! Futuristic music to touch, and not something like “Back to the Future”.

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Cisco Systems. Berlin.

3,000 Pax

3 days

23,000 sqm of space

Cisco Expo goes Cisco Connect – off to the digital future.

Six times in a row, we have reached a real industry high point. The complete organization of the two-day Cisco Expo repeatedly sets standards in terms of conception and staging.

The event was reconstituted in 2014 and has since been called Cisco Connect. Under the motto “connect the unconnected” we realize one of the most important Internet of Everything (IoE) congresses with our customer in Germany in 2014. For this purpose, an empty industrial station with 23,000 sqm of space in Berlin is transformed into an impressive world of experiences around our digital future for two days. At the edge of 60 power sessions and a multimedia plenary session, the more than 3,000 participants admire an innovative exhibition concept.

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GRSS. Throughout Europe.

2,000 Pax

5 days

Paper Handling &

Logistics Deluxe

EuCAP & IGARSS – Science, Research & Industry united.

For several years in a row, we are an organisational part of the largest scientific conferences in the field of Earth observation & antennas.

With the EuCAP, European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, we have traveled across Europe six times between 2010 and 2015. Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Gothenburg, The Hague and Lisbon – participants have the opportunity to find out about antenna transmission at up to 50 exhibition stands and in 150 sessions. In 2012, we also held the renowned IGARSS (International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium) symposium in Munich. Every year, the event attracts up to 2,000 guests from 70 countries on an international level.

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