SKL | MILLION EVENT | Wolfsburg.

category: Event | Award | Evening

Challenge: Live Event in Corona Times

participant: 20

SKL Million event also possible in Corona times live and in color.

The Autostadt Wolfsburg, the 5-star Design Hotel Ritz Carlton, 20 lot owners, 4 games, and a mission: to choose the freshly baked SKL Millionaire, not virtually, but live and in colour! With emotion, celebrating and cheering. In the age of Corona, this required good planning, a testing phase in advance, and a team that works closely and reliably together. It’s a big challenge, but it’s not insolvable, as we learned from this example.

A bit of fun too.

For our REALIZE customer, the GKL, one thing was clear: that the event can actually take place live this time. Originally planned for April 2020, it fell fully into the first Corona lockdown. New date: 08. until 10 October 2020. And so the SKL Million event in Wolfsburg was successful, with more than 20 people and a lucky winner at the end. Of course, in compliance with the applicable Corona safety regulations. But: The fun and the cheers were by no means too short, that much can be said.

Let the games begin.

The daily program included 3 games in different locations: a great way to create shared experiences that connect. For this purpose, outdoor and indoor locations were selected, matching the Autostadt. Prominent accompaniment on the (car) trip to the final was given by the actor couple Ann-Kathrin Kramer (ZDF: “Ein Sommer auf Mykonos”) and Harald Krassnitzer (Vienna Tatort).

> game #1: It was about the sausage or the VW Beetle: The 10 people who got a red VW Beetle as a miniature model, came a lap further.

> game #2: Two teams, one task: Finding the right car key, because of all six VW 8-Series Golfs only one jumped on (Pssst: All other cars had the batteries in the ignition key removed beforehand). Real teamwork was required to choose the right car.

> game #3: For the 5 semi-finalists we went on into the experimental landscape phaeno. While experimenting with unknown liquids, two ladies played their way to the final for the first time.

The moment of truth.

After the game-rich day, the two finalists in the evening at the hotel were all about winning the millions. Both ladies sat in an armchair: one stood for even numbers in the raffle drum, the other for odd numbers. After the drum was turned, the winner was determined: Doris Schardt became the new SKL millionaire. “I can now volunteer as much as I want. I can do something for others now!” said the winner. If you want to see the winner live and in color, the best way to watch this video: Video SKL Million Event.

Ultimately, it’s events that bring people together, create experiences and enable real encounters. It’s about creating events. And if everyone pulls together and adheres to the rules, then emotional live events in the age of Corona are also possible.

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