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GS Trophy .

CATEGORY: Event | Driving-active | Endure Challenge

CHALLENGE: Keep a cool head at 36 degrees

participant: 57

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2016 Southeast Asia.

The International GS Trophy from BMW Motorrad is an enduro challenge that is unparalleled.

This year, 57 lucky finalists in a total of 19 international teams will cross the north of Thailand and compete in intensive daily stages and numerous special tests.
The seven daily stages lead around Chiang Mai, along the border with Myanmar, through far-off areas and demand everything from man and machine. After a monsoon rain at the start of the week, hot temperatures prevail. South Africa is the winner of the International GS Trophy, closely followed by Germany and Great Britain, who share second place. The special highlight in the 2016 starter field is the first international women’s team in the history of the International GS Trophy.
The daily experiences at the limit “in the middle of nowhere” touch deeply, very real and authentic, show breathtaking insights into Thai culture and create international friendships. The International GS Trophy is accompanied online by a worldwide and euphoric community that participates in every stage.
REALIZE is part of the team that dismantles a complete set-up consisting of tents, workshop, catering and everything that goes with it, in order to knock it out of the ground at the end of each stage of the day. REALIZE also supports logistics, the procurement of material and driver equipment in advance and the support of the participants as well as the entire team on site.
Our participation also makes it possible for 114 brand new BMW R 1200 GS to drive through the Thai jungle for seven days, which is also individualised for each driver.
Challenge completed!

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