20 years of REALIZE.

Or - How fast time passes.

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Jubilee calling – or: How quickly time passes…

And Schwupps, you’re a year older, or, as in our case, you’re celebrating your 20th anniversary. Yeah – Happy Birthday, REALIZE! And in the meantime, especially in the age of Corona, one has the feeling that time stands still while it is actually racing. It was just spring, or was it summer? No Oktoberfest, no autumn. And before you get to the fore, the garden plants must already be made winter-proof. Time flies…

And that’s pretty fast. If you think about it like that, a lot has happened, albeit differently from the years before. But otherwise is not always bad. A special time, in any case, in which one imagined one’s own birthday differently, but will be remembered all the more. We too. After all, we just didn’t get anything, nothing to you. 20 years of REALIZE… Yes, right! Porcelain wedding, adulthood, puberty ade. In the middle of it all and yet quite experienced. Speaking of experiences, spoken in “Event”, they are clearly our best references. And we have collected a few in the last 20 years. There were the big ones, but also the smaller ones, the complicated and the most complex. Nationally and internationally, lots of red threads, plenty of content, structure and a lot of love, eh clear. Man mutters, only the sky is the limit… So if it were for us, that would be the case anyway.

So we’re going to be twenty. So, so…! Definitely a reason to pause for a moment. But above all, a reason to celebrate – of course digitally – and a reason to tell stories. From the beginnings, the highlights, the first stumbling blocks and much more importantly, what you learned from them. “You know, back then?” Oh yes, we still know, and we’ll tell you about the coming year. Exciting event stories coupled with many actions and good deeds. Stay tuned – because time is what we remember and, above all, what we make of it!

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