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Air mattress meets megaphone.

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With the megaphone in Sardinia.
Julia, our most experienced senior project manager, talks about her event in 2006.

“The idea of the staging was simple and complex at the same time: recreate our customer’s new product logo with all employees at sea. Said, done. For this purpose, 400 air mattresses in two different colours were filled with air and placed on the beach. After the meeting, the staff were led to the beach and were allowed to stand on the water with an air mattress. On command “Los” all should then firmly in the water and under instruction recreate the well-known logo, or rather swim.

The image would then be taken from an aerial helicopter – today you would simply take a drone for it ;). In both cases, however, one thing would have been decisive – the right timing!

So 400 employees stood excitedly and full of energy in the starting position and waiting for the longed-for “Go” in the sand. Since Harri felt a little too long waiting in the hot sand, he wanted to heat up the mood and sang joyfully into the megaphone in old footballer-like manner: “Now it’s lohos! Now it’s lohos!”, after which of course ALL plunged into the water and eagerly paddled the logo. But the “Go” wasn’t a “go” yet, at least not an official one. So there was no trace of the helicopter at first – classic early start, or let’s just call it: dress rehearsal 😉 In the end, the staff were just a little longer in the water and a nice picture was created anyway. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, the action was always a complete success.”

And the moral of the story: Don’t give the megaphone to the Harri prematurely. 😉

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