The "Big Three" of our virtual event world.

Virtualize it.

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Virtualize It | The “Big Three” of our virtual event world

Not the one platform that can do everything – but the platform that can do exactly what you need, whenever you need it! One size fits nearly all – let’s not kid ourselves, tailor-made it simply fits best. And that is exactly what we have set ourselves the task of. Especially now, when full rows of chairs and long registration lines have unfortunately become the new “Do you remember back then …”. Right now, it is important to stay close despite and above all by far. Virtual goes emotional! And if you think that this is not possible virtually, you are welcome to let us take you on a digital journey. Or as we call it: “Virtualize It”.

Most importantly, think positive! and that is what we are doing. Virtual events are sustainable for you, planning-proof (he) and therefore cost-safe. “Beam me up, Scotty” – because it’s so easy to connect, participate and interact from anywhere. Whether you wear jogging pants or not during virtual networking, up to you! In any case, this does not stand in the way of exchange, lead generation, information communication and final analysis.

So what about our “Big Three”, our pillars, which promise a lot and hold much more. Whether large or small, compact or multi-layered, graphically playful animated or rather clean and smart. The event format doesn’t really matter, everything is thought- and above all feasible here. Trade fair, product launch, conferences, training sessions, employee events, hybrid events or live streaming. Yes, we can – and our 3 pillars first…

One access, many customizable functions. The DIY variant that grows with you. #baustein #simplify #keepitsmart #keepitgood

Innovative, interactive & communicative. The flexible platform that can do anything. So to speak, the “best”, for which there is not even a superlative. #allinone #deralleskönner

Our special add-on and the cherry on the event cake – because a bit of “live feeling” is just always valuable. #emotionenanbord #streamit #feelit #itsamatch

We probably don’t need to tell you that we can still score points with many years of experience in event, technical and project management and go “all-in” with passionate creativity, unconditional customer orientation and a lot of flexibility. But let’s do it anyway. After all, it is also important.

So let’s go on an exciting virtual journey together. Our suitcases are already packed.


Do you want to know more – learn more about our 3 pillars – what is possible in detail? Just give us a call or write to us.

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