BMW Financial Services.

BMW Financial Services | Munich | Incentive.

CATEGORY: Incentive | Evening

CHALLENGE: Making BMW's home a living

participant: 40

BMW Bank GmbH goes Oktoberfest | REALIZE organizes for the third time.
Cooking garage, craft beer and braided hairstyles, a bit will always do just fine!

He belongs to Munich like the Wiesn, so why not simply make the eternal Stenz the motto? No sooner said than done, and so Spatzl and Franze accompany the participants again and again in the course of the event. They adorn invitations and snack boards, menu cards and Monaco water and also on the engraved Wiesnglupperln, they remind of the life motto of Monaco Franze “A bisserl was geht immer”. And much more – a thank you to the participants for great cooperation during the previous months.

And since we are also the northernmost city in Italy and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we prepare for some creative cooking. In fantastic weather, the participants enjoy their aperitif and Italian appetizers in the courtyard of the event location Kochgarage. During a unique team event the cooking aprons are thrown on so that all may chop, cook and serve, becoming at the end a “perfect Dinner”. Sufficiently strengthened the ladies head directly for some Wiesn styling incl. Gelato Italiano. The gentlemen of the round let themselves be driven through Munich into the English garden by rickshaw. At a Craft Beer Tasting in the “Imbisshäuschen Fräulein Grüneis” guests talk shop and taste.

Back at the Hotel Ruby Lilly, it’s time to get dressed up: Nothing like “auftrachteln” and on to the Wiesn. During a joint stroll through Munich’s Oktoberfest, there is then enough time for the “Stenz” to shoot a rose for his “Spatzl” in proper style at the shooting gallery before the evening ends. And with it a successful event at the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke, comes to an end (not by a long shot). It was a real highlight, wasn’t it, Spatzl?

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