CATEGORY: Meeting | Conference | Evening

CHALLENGE: Putting everything in the right light, despite the blackout

participant: 110

TSCNET Services | Conference on Europe’s Secure Power Supply (ElSeC).

In today’s world, virtually nothing works without electricity. The international participants at ElSeC 2017 ensure that we’ll never run out of juice and are not suddenly left in the dark. The conference takes place in the heart of Europe in Munich. Here, the shareholders meet on the opening evening before the conference for a casual get-together in the offices of TSCNET.

The next day, about 110 representatives of European power transmission networks and energy policy gather at the Literaturhaus in the Bavarian capital. Stimulated by exciting presentations, a lively exchange between the participants takes place. Who is trembling before the big blackout and who keeps a steady hand? That they have everything under control – the guests can prove it at TSCNET’s own “hot wire”.

But then suddenly – blackout – everything is pitch black! What is only a dramatic production with the author Marc Elsberg, he describes frighteningly realistic in his novel “Blackout: Tomorrow is too late”. The Europe-wide collapse of the power grid – a horror scenario.

It’s a good thing that this is only fiction and that the conference participants can end the day with a leisurely dinner in the brightly lit “Burger & Lobster” restaurant.

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