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Challenge: Another year again - Berlin

participant: 600

And every year the engine plant receives a crowd – Same Same but Different.

Berlin, again. Engine plant, again. But is also the perfect location for our crime scene. It’s pretty expansive there. Airy, downright lofty. So plenty of space and space for our customers – a leading UEM manufacturer – and its partners, who continue to rely on learning and teaching this year with a lot of IT expertise.

Berlin, already back in the capital, where this year will also be a fat “IT-booze-up”. Nice. Expertise meets thirst for knowledge and everyone is happy. But hello, the no-show rate speaks for itself again. Not even 2%! BAM! If the number does not let shine through how well the conference is received, then I dunno. Berlin again. Lots of being present and little appearance. Somehow honest, pretty transparent. And we’re in the middle of it. Transparency as a common thread, our customer – the invisible protection. The chairs are transparent, all furniture is backlit, has a translucent effect and creates homeliness. It can also be comfortable after all. And so that everyone can orient themselves well, in this loft-like space, the areas are defined from above. Transparent suspensions hover over the stands of the partners. This leaves room for plenty of free flow along the round and open exhibition building. The stands themselves also provide a clear view and are partly transparent and individually branded. There it is again, the invisible protection, no matter from which angle.
And the key visual? Of course, we have also adapted this, fine, filigree, translucent but always “connected” and in motion. Speaking of movement. eat! This, too, is delicious and unique despite, or precisely because of its transparency. At the “Lucky Roll-Bar” there are rolls, Vietnamese and all spring. Right, also transparent! The special eye-catcher on this day, however, are the colorful fruits, frozen in an ice block – Freeze Frame.
This year, too, the participants will be equipped with headphones at the accreditation. Different channels allow you to participate comfortably in a wide variety of lectures. Data and contacts can then easily be exchanged with the desired counterpart via “etouches” contact. Yes it’s that simple.

What is still missing besides information and culinary delights – entertainment. Balance and sense of space can be tested on VR and AR devices, after all, the child in the man (and the woman) should not be neglected. And in the end, as at any good event, there is a good dance. To atmospheric beats of the Australian band “Parcels”. They are not transparent, but they still make good music. So the event – Check! – another complete success.


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