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iq digital guidance conference 2020 | ask questions of the future today.

“How do we imagine our future? What is the vision of the future? What awaits us privately, for our work and our society?”
Questions that many people are currently asking themselves and to which the digital marketer iq digital media marketing gmbh has been looking for answers as part of its first guidance conference in November 2020.

The first purely virtual conference of the Düsseldorf-based company was preceded by a high-calibre panel of journalists. Under the direction of Dunja Hayali, the editors-in-chief of Handelsblatt, Süddeutscher Zeitung, WirtschaftsWoche Online and ZEIT ONLINE as well as the editors of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung discussed current topics such as fake news, populism and the division of society.

As with all event formats, the iq digital guidance conference is virtually switched from live to virtual and so the iq digital guidance conference takes place virtually on a platform that is individually adapted to customers, partners and, above all, the participants. Better said, on a constantly flexible platform, 100% responsive – we all like! The focus is on quality content and on intuitive, user-friendly operation. After successful registration, the participant can conveniently click through the topic areas from the virtual “lobby” via a selection of buttons created in the tile style. Clear, instinctive and purposeful. No matter where it participates, no matter from which device – the goal is the way. And everyone can determine this for themselves.

After a welcome video by the managing director of iq digital, Steffen Bax, the journey can begin. Follow the discussion rounds from the Düsseldorf live studio on the conference stages, inform and exchange about products and brands in the Experience Hall, discuss together in chat or listen to the live recording of the podcast “Ok, America?” by ZEIT ONLINE? Anything possible at any time – and so all contributions to the conference can still be viewed in the on-demand section, in addition to the panel discussion and podcast recording.

How do we find that? Highly innovative, with a certain live feeling, emotionalizing and embracing by the perfect feeling of the entire team! You’re happy to be there. “Virtual” makes it possible!

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