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Challenge: Mix cocktails virtually and drink live

participant: 550

A virtual event concept of a special kind.

A company event as a start to the year with employees who are allowed to submit their ideas, with live music and lots of inspiration from speakers, along with cocktails that have been ticked up – sounds like fun! But also if the event is to take place virtually? you bet! Together with our partner Gahrens + Battermann, we were able to implement a virtual event concept of a special kind for our customer Dräger Safety Germany: Creative, interactive and live! The conference room of a Dräger branch became a streaming studio for the planned day and evening event.

Curtain free for the employee event at Dräger

As with a live event, between keynotes and breakout sessions during coffee breaks, participants had the opportunity to use three digital spaces for inspiration, networking or movement:
> Meet & Greet with Keynote Speaker and the Executive Board
> Networking with colleagues for the social share with a virtual event platform.
> Fitness for the necessary physical balance with a personal trainer.

The evening program – time for enjoyment & entertainment
The (culinary) highlight: the cocktail session in the evening. Each participant was given a gift box at home, which included event-appropriate gadgets, including the ingredients for non-alcoholic cocktails. The necessary practical knowledge of the shake came from the Barschule München – Academy of Modern Bartending. So everyone from home could mix their own drink under instruction.

A live band in the studio provided the evening atmosphere. Again, the interaction was not neglected: everyone could vote for their favorite song. The match was coordinated with a real-time voting tool that not only showed the results in real time, but also allowed all viewers to participate interactively. For example, real-time voting was used several times throughout the event: from queries of expectations at the beginning, to the mood in between, to the feedback word cloud at the end. The high participation rate showed the positive response of the participants: satisfied and motivated employees at the end of the day, what more do you want?

Summary – for the “reading lazy”:
> what? Day and evening event with breakout sessions, keynotes, frame activities, cocktails and live music
> who? Dräger Employees in the Safety Technology Division
> how? Interactive, methodical, creative & social and everything virtual

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