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twice! Dassault Systémes goes virtual.

If the customer is not able to attend the event, then the event will come to the customer. Completely virtual, extremely flexible and still so very close. A challenge that is not new in these times. #stayhome #staysafe – but why not reach its goals and especially its customers in this way? Said, and done. Together with Dassault Systémes and our technical partner Gahrens + Battermann, we have digitally realized two events that had always taken place in a large physical format. Instead of strolling through Hanoverian exhibition halls, the participants at the Connected Industry now virtually strolled through the Dassault Systémes stand – the look and feel of the live exhibition stand is, of course, retained. And instead of exchanging ideas at the Darmstadt Convention Center, the knowledge will be virtually conveyed in several areas during the EuroCentral 3DEXPERIENCE Conference 2020. Always with you in our live studio. This is where dynamic interviews, panel discussions, lectures and Q&A sessions take place, thus conveying a sense of “real, live life”.
The principle is as simple as it is inspiring – flexibility and interactions are paramount and so the participant can easily put together his or her own individual agenda after registering online. Via a landing page, you first enter the attractive and clear “lobby”. Whether the way forward leads to product presentations in Dassault Systéme’s showrooms, an Expo hall, a live studio, many breakout sessions or exchanges with experts in partner studios – The choice is yours, simply “click” and experience.
Generate new leads, cultivate relationships & network diligently, immerse yourself in the product world or dive in and share plenty of knowledge – and all this purely virtually? Doesn’t work, does it? Sure does. After all, you just need to know how!

Two events, two great challenges, twice the goals achieved! Even if live is still more beautiful – virtual rocks!

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