Rio de Janeiro.

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CATEGORY: Incentive | Evening

CHALLENGE: Don't let the jet lag come up in the first place

participant: 60

Lots of colour, a lot of liveliness – pure joie de vivre!

In probably no other city in the world is cheerfulness as part of everyday life as in Rio. For 4 days, the participants were able to convince themselves and gather lasting impressions during an exciting incentive trip and to soak up plenty of sun.

Already day 1, the group lets the very special flair and the variety of the lively city on the Copacabana feel in a relaxed way. A massage by the pool of an exclusively rented villa overlooking the Sugarloaf Mountain, creating breathtaking sandcastles on the beach, a tour of the artistic district of Santa Teresa or a sushi workshop? Many possibilities, a motto – which jet lag does not even give rise – challenge accepted!

The next morning is also waiting for our winners with impressive views and insights. Let’s start with the most famous landmark of the city, the Christ the Redeemer statue “Cristo Redentor” on mount Corcovado. From here you can see an outstanding panoramic view of the Sugarloaf Mountain and the South Atlantic. It is clear that this building is not only at the feet of Rio – today we certainly do.

In a Capoeira performance, the Brazilian mixture of fight and dance, the participants then delve even further into the history of Brazil. Flashed by impressions and emotions, it goes back to lofty heights. Already “snipped” on the Sugarloaf with the private gondola? Well, then it’s time! Such a sundowner on the Sugarloaf mountain is not only enchanting, it will be remembered forever – an invaluable moment.

On land and in the air, at the perfect end of the day, all that is missing is the element of water. So how better to end the second evening than to enjoy a cocktail, Brazilian delicacies and a panoramic view of the landmarks visited today – good night Rio – “Boa Noite” at a floating restaurant (Flutuante Rio)!

Day 3 is under the motto “Life is better at the beach”. Whether cycling along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema or rather a surf and bodyboard course with the professionals? The main thing is to immerse yourself in the soul of Rio de Janeiro – because here the beaches are places of encounter. Whether for young and old, tourist, footballer, bodybuilder or beach beauty – Rio’s beaches are the “Place to Be”.

Before all participants go home the next day, there are other excursion destinations on the program. While one part of the group indulges in the Brazilian sun during leisure time, the other part explores one of about 1000 favelas in Rio. The poor district of Santa Marta is an unreal and magical place at the same time. Located high up on a hill with great views of the metropolis, about 8000 inhabitants live here in 2500 huts between narrow streets. “They don’t care about us” – the place where Michael Jackson shot his music video teaches our participants on this day a lot about prejudice and living standards – a lasting memory.

When you think of Brazil, you can’t miss samba, tight costumes and the carnival. A guided tour of Rio’s Samba Academy incl. Interactive dance performance shows once again how colourful Rio is and how valuable the unique joie de vivre is.

“Tschau Rio”, you may be the most beautiful city in the world…

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