CATEGORY: Incentive | Evening Event

CHALLENGE: Exciting mix of world cultural heritage & modern lifestyle​

participant: 30

Raven51 – Incentive 2024​

Riga. Sounds unspectacular. Yet it is considered the pearl of the Baltic region.​

3 days walking in historical footsteps, enjoying lifestyle and culinary delights and discovering primeval nature – this city has many surprising facets to offer. And the charm of the Paris of the East.​

After our arrival, we went straight to the largest and most modern market hall in Europe for lunch. In the former Hanseatic city, there is a rich variety of fresh produce in a fascinating atmosphere, a mixture of time travel and land of milk and honey.
A short rest in the hotel and then off to the city rally, which took us to many sights in the historic city centre in a playful way.
The highlights were surprises made of ice: the bright red, alcohol-free cocktail from the Ice Cup at the Opera House as a refreshment in between or the Ice Sculpture Workshop, where the letters and numbers for the company logo were carved out of blocks of ice in 6 teams. A feeling like a real ice artist. REALIZE provides warming emotions even in cool outside temperatures.
Our city tour culminated in dinner at a special restaurant in the historic Jacobskaserne complex, where we were spoilt with creative and sustainable delicacies made from high-quality products. This was evident from the starter, where the ingredients were artistically ‘painted’ on the placemat. Later in the evening, the winners of the city rally were chosen here.
On day 2, we travelled to Sigulda, which is located in the so-called ‘Latvian Switzerland’ in the valley of the River Gauja. In the Gauja National Park, we trained like racers on the summer toboggan run.
After so much sport, a hearty, rustic lunch in a log cabin restaurant in a former grain barn, built according to centuries-old Latvian building traditions, was just right.
Curiously, Sebastian Vettel’s former chef cooks here, who gave us an exclusive look at his Formula One collection in the private party room, which is otherwise not open to visitors. Everyone was thrilled and couldn’t get enough of it.
Afterwards, in the spirit of racing, a fat bike ride through forests and meadows was on the program peaking in a birch sap tasting.
On the last evening, we celebrated our farewell to Riga in a stylish wine bar restaurant in the Old Town.

Once in Riga is certainly not the last time, because our short trip has conquered hearts.

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