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SAP Garden.

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September 2024

SAP Garden​
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Next level for networking.

​ The SAP Garden has the potential to become Munich’s new landmark.
An extraordinary stadium experience awaits us in one of the most modern sports arenas in Europe.
We didn’t expect anything less from Redbull.
The Grand Opening will start on 27 September 2024 and the new multifunctional sports arena will showcase its wealth of options at the open day. Among other things, guests will be able to experience the new video cube with a total projection area of 209 square metres in action. In addition, visitors can look forward to various show performances that document the variety of uses of SAP Garden.​
On 29 September, basketball champions FC Bayern will make their debut on the new floor, which will be the venue for all EHC Red Bull Munich and FC Bayern Basketball home games.​
Watching sport and networking has always been the perfect combination.
And now also with high-tech equipment in designer rooms.
For individual events, you can book the entire arena or just VIP boxes and workshop rooms. Always with an exclusive view of the action.​

Of course, there are also three ice sports areas that can be used all year round with a total ice surface of around 5,400 square metres, which are designed for both training and recreational sports and can be operated independently of the main building. In addition to ice hockey, Olympic sports such as figure skating, short track and curling can also be practised here for training purposes. One of the three ice rinks has a capacity of 600 spectators, while the other two rinks can accommodate 200 people each.​

So, collaborate and listen.​
Ice is back with a brand new invention.​

Ice hockey and basketball, exciting settings for promising get-together. International gourmet entertainment creates culinary highlights and ensures the highest product quality and variety.​

Enthusiasm unites and creates common ground. The best basis for united plans for the future.​

Secure your tickets now and plan while the hype has not yet broken out. We will be happy to support you put together an exciting package.​

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