RWB Private Capital Austria.

In 4 days through Germany.

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RWB Private Capital Austria | In 4 days through Germany.

No, this is not about a Japanese round trip – it is about the RWB business trip. This tour proves that important business appointments can be perfectly combined with cultural highlights and shared experiences.

Let’s start for the Austrian participants at the RWB headquarters in Oberhaching. After a lunch together, we continue with various lectures that promise exciting information. In the evening it is time to go to the far north, where the day ends sociably at the Hamburg hotel bar.

First the work, then the pleasure – so the second day begins with the visit of the target company “fabfab”. And what’s there for lunch? Of course fresh fish in the cult restaurant “Catch of the Day”. After a digestive walk with a guide through the storage city, we head to the water. During a harbour tour, the participants get to know the Hanseatic city even better. In the trendy restaurant “Au Quai” the group starts the evening in style, which of course continues on the legendary Reeperbahn. True to the motto “Wat mutt, dat mutt!”. A stopover in the “Skyline Bar 20up” with fantastic views of the harbour at night, must not be missed during any visit.

The next day, the route is made and some RWB target companies are visited. From Hamburg we go to the “Booster” near Bremen, then to the “Frostkrone” near Bielefeld and finally to Wuppertal. Here, an exclusive Italian dinner buffet awaits the group.

It continues south on the fourth day and to the next RWB target company “Fischer Surface” near Frankfurt. Afterwards it is time to return to the airport and back to Munich, where the journey ends with a hearty Bavarian meal. In the spade house at the opera house, the participants enjoy a convivial evening before heading home the next morning.

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